Stuart, Chris and Ed first got together in 1998 in New Delhi, India as part of the Hahn Gi String band. Following their dissolution c 2001 the various members left India to develop their careers and their musical avenues.

Last year by coincidence Stuart and Chris found themselves living very close to each other in the North of England, so they decided to get together, becoming the nucleus of a group of contributing musicians. Regular contributors include Ed, who lives in Oregon USA, and who is CEO of Driving South Music Productions and Bob, who lives in Surrey, England.  

Band Members

Stuart McLachlan

Songwriter/ guitarist / vocalist / producer. Sometime Bass player in the Hanji String Band and other popular beat combos….

Chris Lain

Vocalist / songwriter / guitarist, latterly member of the Hanji String Band

Ed Pramuk

Guitarist / vocalist / songwriter and CEO of Driving South Music Productions

Bob Hamilton

Guitarist / vocalist / songwriter / mandolinist

Outdoor Indian Summer Jam